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New York Strip (8 oz. cut)
Buy More & $ave More
Heat & Eat Pork Ribs-n-Corn
Our Price: $54.95
(Qty of 4, 6, 8, 10, & 12
(8 oz. ea.)

The more you buy ...
The more you $ave

Individually Packaged
Vacuumed Sealed

"Heat and Eat" Pork Ribs-n-Corn
There is nothing better than a plate full of saucy ribs and some awesome Corn on the cob. Our Heat and Eat pre-cooked BBQ Ribs are so easy to prepare. Heat in oven or on grill, cover in sauce and serve ... Marinate the corn for 8 to 12 hours, cook on grill or in steamer ... it's that easy! --- Serves up to 8 people

Cooking with the Good Stuff
Four Pack Gift Set
Porterhouse Steak
(23 oz.)
Gift Pack Price $18.95
Our Price: $46.95
Sale Price: $32.95
Savings: $14.00
Cooking with the
Good Stuff

Four (4) Bottles of BS Sauce products in a decorative holder
Six different bottle packages to choose from

(Qty= 1 - 23 oz. ea.)
Individually Packaged
Vacuumed Sealed

BS Gate City Cheese Dip Appetizer Beef Kabobs
(8 oz. / Premade)
With FREE Marinade
Our Price: $17.95
Deal of the Day Price: $13.95
Savings: $4.00
Our Price: $35.90
Sale Price: $29.95
Savings: $5.95

"Ready to Cook" Appetizer
This appetizer will create a smile for family and friends and it's so easy to prepare. Package includes all the ingredients needed to prepare the Cheese Dip.

(Qty= 6 - 8 oz. ea.)
Pre-made on the stick!
Free Bottle BS Marinade
Individually Packaged
Vacuumed Sealed

The Smoking Hot Deal!

BUY 3 get 1 FREE

Our Price: $21.95
Sale Price: $14.95
Savings: $7.00
You can mix and match the 4 bottles to create the perfect combination for any cooking style.

Top Sellers

BS Sauce Rice with Attitude
Our Price: $6.95
Shrimp-Raw (16/20) (2 lb.)
Tail On / Peeled & Deveined
Our Price: $37.95
BS Cocktail Weenie Appetizer
Our Price: $17.95
Shrimp & Rib Eye Package
Package Price $74.95
The Home Cook
Sauce & Dressing Package
Package Price $21.45

New Products

Rib Eye
(6 oz. cut)
Sale Price: $18.95
(30 oz.)
Our Price: $25.95
The Vegan Delight
Sauce & Dressing Package
Package Price $21.95
BS Marinated Corn
Our Price: $8.95
Pork Ribs, St. Louis Style
(3 lb.)
Our Price: $26.95